About Us 

Who is Storage 24 

The band Storage 24 hails from the southern state of Mississippi with a unique combination of hard rock, hip-hop, R & B, and self named STREET ROCK. The band is affectionately named for the storage unit it rehearsed in and still holds its humble and honest, yet aggressive roots, it started with in its earlier days. 

Storage 24 is made up of 4 very unique guys with very different backgrounds, but one common goal and that's to take over the Rock world. Storage 24 is:

- Murph Caicedo (Drummer) 
- Phred "Baby Phred" Harley (Vocalist)
- Matt Phillips (Bassist)
- Karsten Hilton (Guitarist)

In their hometown of Jackson, Storage 24 was voted #1 rock band in 2007 by The Jackson Free Press and Best Original and Best Rock Band 2010. 
Also named Best Rock Band and Best Original Band at the Best of Jackson 2010 and 2011 Awards in Jackson, MS. 

Storage 24 was named Band of the Year 2009 Battle of the Bands at Club La Vela, Panama City Beach, Florida, Largest club in the USA, beating out 9 other bands from all over the Southeast. 

Storage 24 has shared the stage with the likes of The Black Crowes, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Puddle of Mudd, Ludacris, Course of Nature, Black Stone Cherry, Rehab, Atomship, Night Ranger, and One Less Reason, 12 Stones, Drowning Pool, to name a few.

Phred "BP" Harley 


Fredrick "Baby Phred " Harley was born March 25, 19 hundred none of your business! Baby Phred is a former R&B singer who later got into Rock music that fit his wild and energetic personality better than he could have imagined! Baby Phred is a very focused and serious person, with hopes of One Day taking Rock Music to a whole new level.  BP is a Vocalist, producer, songwriter and arranger of music.. With that being said, BP has big dreams of Storage 24 being a household name!

Matt Phillips 


Matt Phillips grew up in a family of musicians. Watching his dad play banjo on stage and his grandad play his ‘56 Les Paul sparked his love of music. 

At the age of 15, what clinched the deal and lit a fire to be a musician was seeing Kiss on the cover of Metal Edge magazine. Matt’s main influences were Kiss and Aerosmith. 

Matt honed his skills and joined Soul Skard and later Black Water Burn. After Black Water Burn, he joined Storage 24 and has been a key influence keeping the Storage 24 dream alive.

Murph Caicedo 


Murph Caicedo started his musical journey in his backyard in a shed. This was the place where his vision of becoming a real drummer first took hold. 

At 17 years of age, Murph began to play in his first “professional” band, Probable Cauz. The seed was planted and turning back was no longer an option. Since then, Murph has played in countless bands (as many as 8 at one time!). That could seem crazy to most of us, but when you are Murph Caicedo and there’s no doubt that drumming is why you are here on this earth, it’s easy. 

Murph has toured with and played on many records for artists that run the gamut. He’s recorded with many of his own bands, but also with every other style of musical artist there is. He’s played the blues with Mr. Sipp and Grady Champion, soul with Liz Stroud, pop with Brian Fuente, punk rock with the Tuff Luvs, Americana with Jason Turner Band and Bloodbird Harrington, metal with Redneck Trucker and A Bullet Well Spent, and at least 40 other recording projects too numerable to list. 

Murph has been a session drummer and Assistant Engineer at the world renowned Malaco Records located in Jackson, MS. He has also been the Musical Director for Skate MS, a non-profit in his hometown of Jackson MS that promotes healthy lifestyles for young people through skating. Murph has done time at Belhaven University, on their faculty, as a percussionist/accompanist for their very well respected dance department. Murph has also been a judge at Guitar Center’s annual “Drum-off” competition on multiple occasions. 

Murph is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals (a company that “gets it”). He plays the following Soultone products: 15” Extreme Hi-Hats, (2) 22” Extreme Crash, (1) 20” Extreme Crash & (1) 22” Extreme Ride Cymbal.

Karsten Hilton 


Karsten Hilton was born in Böblingen, West Germany and came to the states when he was a year old. 

His parents and grandparents influenced his musical taste from classical music, big bands, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, and pretty much everything from the 1920’s through the 1980’s. Until, Karsten discovered rock and heavy metal in the mid 1980’s. There, the lone journey began. 

Karsten’s musical endeavor began at 9 years old when he began learning Violin and acoustic guitar. After a brief 8 year hiatus from learning music, Karsten picked up guitar again and never looked back. 

The musical path Karsten has taken has lead him to learn much and his love of music  has allowed him to play in many bands in different capacities. Karsten’s main instrument has been guitar, but he has played bass, drums, and sang vocals in a few bands. He also dabbles and doodles around on piano for fun. 

Just a few bands Karsten has been in and recorded with before joining Storage 24. 

- Beneath the Blood 
- Black Water Burn 
- Adam Echo